Monday, October 31, 2016

Keepin' it Clean in Twenty-Sixteen

Happy Halloween, Friends!

As we embark on our final evening adventure of October my mind has already started to fast-forward to November. November. Can you believe it's already November?!

November is full of the holiday vibes. It's where we come together and give thanks, there is a fresh crisp feeling in the air, and we set full speed ahead into the glimmer of what little time remains in the year. We're dusting off our cornucopia centerpieces and polishing our best silverware in preparation of the BIG FEAST.

But as the holidays begin to move closer, we tell ourselves that we're not going to procrastinate and wait to get ready until the last minute. Heck, it's November and we're excited!  But more likely than not, we will be stuffing all of those last minute mismatched pillow covers into the hall closet, racing to sweep up the pile of dog fur in the corner before your guests ring the doorbell, or hurdling over the cat while you sprint to dust off the coffee table before the kitchen timer dings. We've all done it. Shoot. I'm pretty sure 98% of us say we're "going to get our Christmas shopping done early this year!" just to find ourselves running out on the 23rd to finish grabbing our stocking stuffers. You're not alone. I'll raise my hand for all those in this group... all while not making eye contact and looking down at my shoes in shame... but hey, my hand is raised nonetheless.

This year let's REALLY put an end to this continuous cycle by making not just a holiday change, but a lifestyle change. You know what you need to be prepared for that scrumptious Thanksgiving dinner??

15 minutes. That's it. FIFTEEN..... 1 & 5. Quince.

I've established a foolproof cleaning plan that gives me 15 minutes to clean and keep clean all aspects of my home. I don't know about you, but I don't have time to waste 3 hours plowing through room by room of my home. Instead, everyday I designate 15 minutes to the tasks set out for that day and the ongoing cycle ensures that my home is always ready to welcome even the most unexpected guests instead of stopping them at the doorway.

To keep the plan going I created an easy to follow schedule of tasks. Each day holds the same task : dishes. spot sweep. wipe off all the countertops. and clear the clutter.

In addition to the everyday essentials there is one task designated to that day of the week.
I used to spend an hour dusting, then sweeping, the steam cleaning the floors. It was tedious. Now, after reading Clean Mama's cleaning post and recommendation to split them apart, I easily stay far more focused and driven in keeping a cleaning home.

Our time is precious, and no one should spend hours a day just trying to keep up with the fuss of the home. Try the everyday method, tailor it to suit your needs. Whether you choose to use my sheet or create your own, you'll love your new simplified life. Nothing feels better or more refreshing than waking up and coming home to a fresh clean home every evening.

While on the topic, what is your nightmare area to clean?! Mine is the floors. The moment I sweep there is another tumbleweed of cat hair blowing in the wind across the living room. Living in a safari farm of a home full of animals is a floor chore... but we love them all the same.

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Home Styling Plans : The Kitchen

Tagging along with last weeks post, you may recall me mentioning that the best thing you can do for your home is create a cohesive styling design.

After finally finding mine (rustic glam is where it's at!) I have also started my home styling plans for décor in the kitchen. Since my sweet home has a small great area style layout, I want to mesh together as much of the living spaces as possible. Together they will surely make a beautiful rustic and relaxing area that I will be so excited to come home to!

Let me know what your favorite piece is down below.... mine is that mug rack! I can't wait to fill it with gorgeous clay mugs!
measurements cutting board | bread box | white serving tray | butter dish | farmers market sign |
mug tree | hand towels | white dishes | canister set | wall plate rack

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